As we prepare for Week 9 and another 6 teams on bye, we also may see our first hint of snow, when the Bills take on the Chiefs Sunday afternoon.

Visiting Team  Home Team  Game Time & Date  Forecast for Game Time
Cincinnati Bengals  Miami Dolphins  8:25 PM EDT on October 31, 2013  Partly Cloudy, 77-76, 7-8 MPH E
Kansas City Chiefs  Buffalo Bills  1:00 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Partly Cloudy then Clearing, 36-34, 7-5 MPH N
Atlanta Falcons  Carolina Panthers  1:00 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Clear, 59-55, 6-5 MPH NNE/N
Minnesota Vikings  Dallas Cowboys  1:00 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Clear, 61-65, 12-8 MPH SSE
New Orleans Saints  New York Jets  1:00 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Partly Cloudy then clearing, 47-45, 13-10 MPH NNW
Tennessee Titans  St. Louis Rams  1:00 PM EST on November 03, 2013  DOME
San Diego Chargers  Washington Redskins  1:00 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Clear, 52-48, 13-10 MPH NNW
Philadelphia Eagles  Oakland Raiders 4:05 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Clear then becoming Partly Cloudy, 61-63, 9-7 MPH NNW/NW
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Seattle Seahawks  4:05 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Chance of Rain, 50-48, 0-5 MPH E/N
Baltimore Ravens  Cleveland Browns  4:25 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Partly Cloudy, 41-35, 6 MPH NE/ENE
Pittsburgh Steelers  New England Patriots  4:25 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Mostly to Partly Cloudy, 40-34, 7-11 MPH N/NNW
Indianapolis Colts  Houston Texans  8:30 PM EST on November 03, 2013  Clear, 61-57, 6 MPH ESE/E
Chicago Bears  Green Bay Packers  8:40 PM EST on November 04, 2013  Chance of Rain, 48-46, 11-9 MPH S

The Thursday Night game, like last week's game, will be played in near perfect conditions.  No reason to adjust your rosters based on the foibles of nature's whims here.

As I will be in Arizona watching Arizona Fall League baseball games this weekend, I have taken the liberty of publishing early forecasts for all games.  I am certain I will have time to update the prognostications before Saturday evening, but I wanted to get the preliminary information out to our readers just in case.

UPDATE:  It now looks like there will be no snow in Buffalo, but conditions will be chilly.  No real concerns about the wind this week.  Rain may affect things in Seattle (huge surprise) and Green Bay, so plan accordingly.  The rest of the games don't have any major surprises, as we should expect things to get less temperate as we hit November.

As always, good luck and Godspeed in your fantasy endeavors.  If you have a fantasy question, feel free to drop me a line at  or post a comment and I will do my best to provide guidance.



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