Hi Ray. 12 team 6X6 Roto Keeper League - I won the league so I pick 12th each round - Keeping Jose Fernandez, King Felix, Paul Goldschmidt and Troy Tulowitzki - I need one more keeper from: Ian Kinsler, Matt Holiday, Jason Heyward, Billy Hamilton? Thoughts???

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@Jeff_Mans yeah it was Destiny Child's lover Nate, my bad but dam if he isn't a WPT announcer

All this hate on Melky Cabrera for PED use needs to stop you all know dam well you'd have 12 needles sticking out your leg to play in MLB

@Jeff_Mans Travis, your producer, sounds like a Poker announcer (not a knock).

@Jeff_Mans love how Cole denied swearing at him. It was clear as day on ROOT Sportscast. You talk shit better be ready for a shit storm brah