2016 Fantasy Baseball Player Profile: Jeremy Hellickson
Ray Flowers

Some Jets players reportedly believe Ryan Fitzpatrick would consider taking less money to stick it to the Jets and sign elsewhere.

While it would make sense on some level for Fitzpatrick to sign a cheaper deal to wind up in a better situation, it does not make sense to sign with a team that would not guarantee him the starting quarterback job. Fitzpatrick isn't an obvious quarterback upgrade for any team outside of the Jets, and that is likely what will ultimately lead him to sign with the Jets.
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Royals manager Ned Yost says the team cannot rule anything out with Brett Eibner's ankle sprain. He said it seems like Eibner will need a DL stint.

Eibner was in a platoon with Jarrod Dyson, and the Royals do not have an obvious option to fill that role. Jarrod Dyson would have a bit more fantasy value if he got to face lefties; while his batting average would likely suffer, he would probably get more stolen base opportunities.
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Gerardo Parra went 3-for-4 with a home run, a double, two RBI and two runs scored against the Reds on Tuesday.

Parra decided to join in on the hit parade, also known as the bashing of the Cincinnati Reds. Parra is hitting .280 on the season with four homers, 29 runs scored, 25 RBI and five stolen bases. He’s ranked inside the top-50 at his position, which is a nice reward for those who take a chance on him. Continue to roll with him, but understand he will likely sit when the team faces a tough lefty.
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Nolan Arenado went 2-for-4 with two home runs, a walk, four RBI and three runs scored against the Reds on Tuesday.

Arenado is a stud and games like tonight aren’t exactly few and far between for the star third baseman. By this point, we all know the wonders of Coors Field, but even away from his home park, Arenado mashes. He’s a top flight big league hitter who is not only a top player at his position, but all of baseball. Do yourself a favor and never take him out of your lineups.
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Charlie Blackmon went 2-for-6 with two home runs, five RBI and two runs scored on Tuesday against the Reds.

Blackmon has hit safely in his last nine contests, including homering three times in the past two games. If you roster Blackmon in DFS or in your seasonal lineup, you have to love his home ball park. However, if you don’t, screw that bloody ball park. Regardless, Blackmon is a quality fantasy option who will only become more valuable once those stolen base numbers start to rise.
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D.J. LeMahieu went 4-for-4 with a home run, two doubles, a walk, four runs scored and two RBI on Tuesday against the Reds.

LeMahieu is 7-for-15 over his last four games with tonight being his biggest offensive outburst in quite some time. His home ballpark gives his fantasy value a huge boost, just like it does to every other player donning a Colorado uniform. As long as he can stay healthy, he is going to be your second baseman moving forward. Don’t take him out of your lineup.
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Carlos Gonzalez went 3-for-5 with a home run, a double, two RBI and one run scored against the Reds on Tuesday.

Gonzalez is white hot and he needs to be active in every single format across the board. He’s hit safely in his last nine games, including homering in his past four and five of the last six. His home ball park helps a lot, but also, the Cincinnati pitching staff is absolutely horrendous, especially that bullpen. It’s a positive sign to see Cargo doing exactly what he should do a weaker pitching staff.
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Jon Gray allowed three earned runs on five hits and three walks while striking out four in six innings of work on Tuesday against the Reds.

If you disregard his shellacking in St. Louis around two weeks ago, Gray has strung together multiple great starts. He’s posted a quality start in five of his last six starts, despite being a starting pitcher for the Colorado Rockies. Considering this start was in Colorado, Gray pitched even better than these numbers would look in another stadium. The strikeouts have been inconsistent to date, but that’ll happen with a young starter. It’s time for those in mixed leagues to take notice of this guy. His next start will come on Sunday against the San Diego Padres.
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Jay Bruce went 3-for-4 with a home run, a triple, a double, two RBI and one run scored on Tuesday against the Rockies.

Bruce is 4-for-9 this series at Coors Field, with one home run, two runs scored and two RBI. Enjoy the production while he is at Coors Field, but understand that in a couple days, he won’t be hitting at Coors Field, but the power is still real for Bruce. He will get his 25-30 home runs by seasons end. He is 2-for-3 in his career against tomorrow’s starter Tyler Chatwood.
1 hour ago

Joey Votto went 1-for-4 with a solo home run on Tuesday against the Rockies.

Just like every other hitter on the planet, Votto is hitting well at Coors Field. He’s hitting .333 this series with two homers and four RBI. All fantasy owners can hope for now is that Votto uses this as a launching point to turn around his extremely slow start to the 2016 campaign. He is hitless in three at-bats against tomorrow’s starter Tyler Chatwood.
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