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Welcome to the 2016 Fantasy Alarm NFL Draft Guide
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Demetrius Jackson Headshot

Demetrius Jackson signed a guaranteed contract with the Boston Celtics.

As the 45th drafted player in the 2016 NBA draft, he was not guaranteed a roster slot, but apparently showed the team enough in Summer League action to be inked to this deal. The Celtics have made it known they are willing to deal, and Jackson's signing may be an effort to provide depth on the roster to facilitate trades.
45 minutes ago
Le'Veon Bell Headshot

Le'Veon Bell missed several drug tests over a short period of time.

That is a troubling trend and should give any of his fantasy owners concern about his availability going into the season. Bell is appealing the suspension, but if this report is accurate, it looks like he will definitely miss some time to start the season. Time to move DeAngelo Williams up your draft lists.
48 minutes ago
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